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PDA Nutrition softwareProfessional Nutrition Software by Nutrition Software Solutions


Whether you are a clinician in an acute, long-term care, out-patient, or private practice setting, Nutrition-Toolbox™ is indispensable.


Nutrition-Toolbox™ provides the most extensive collection of nutrition assessment tools, in electronic format, to help health care professionals assess adult & pediatric nutritional needs, perform enteral/parenteral calculations, reference laboratory values, design diabetic & renal meal plans… and offers a host of other unique and useful tools.


Nutrition-Toolbox™ incorporates the very latest research and was designed by a "dream team" of highly specialized practicing clinicians to encompass a variety of topics and applications. At the same time, it is logically laid out and thoroughly explained in a handy reference manual-- unique to Nutrition-Toolbox™--that fits right in a lab coat pocket! This state of the art software places a library full of resources in the palm of your hand. Once you discover what this little power plant can do, you will wonder how you ever got along without it.


We invite you to explore the sample screens on this site. Screen quality and layout are unparalleled. Moreover, as indicated in some of the sample screens, this software contains tutorials, reviews, and background notes not found in any other software! A dramatic increase in speed, accuracy, efficiency, and confidence are only a click away with Nutrition-Toolbox™.


Professional Nutrition Software by Nutrition Software Solutions